Monday, January 3, 2011

The Geeky-ist Way to Kill Something

I just discovered an organization that is not only steeped in awesome, but will help me make my Robin Hood fantasy come true: Archery Bow Range Chicago!!!

You might be judging me right now, but consider this: you’re walking down North Avenue and you spy a little old lady desperately trying to fight off a robber who’s trying to steal her purse. Do you call for help? Do you scramble around with your iPhone for a few minutes to call 911? No. You whip out your kick ass bow and arrows and start firing madly at the robber. You are now a hero.

Located at 1757 N Kimball in Chicago, Archery Chicago offers all sorts of clinics, lessons and day camps for about $20 per two-hour session. Each one is a different level, designed to help you reach your full archer potential. Equipment rental is an extra $5.

You can also join an archery league, but you have to contact the organization through the website first. And while you’re checking out the website, be sure to read the blog. It’s just the right amount of geeky and fun that makes me want to sign up.

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