Monday, April 18, 2011

A Kosher-for-Passover Social Life

Passover is one of my favorite holidays, but, let's face it, not being able to eat anything "leavened" until next Monday night pretty much kills any fun dinner plans.

(For my non-Jewish readers, that mean from sundown tonight until sundown next Tuesday you have to eliminate anything that might in some way be construed as bread: pastas, most desserts, Cheeze-its, etc.)

Rather than stuffing a box of Matzo in your purse whenever you go out to eat, check out some of these venues for a much tastier Passover:

Mity Nice will serve a la carte Passover specials for lunch and dinner tomorrow through next Monday. The matzo-crusted Lake Superior whitefish and flourless chocolate cake sound good!

Find an excuse to leave Bubbie's seder early and head over to Joe's to celebrate the exodus in style. Tonight and tomorrow night you can order the pre-fixed seder dinner for $49.95. (Not a bad price for a full meal at Joe's.)

You can always count on The Bagel to not only have Kosher-for-Passover options, but to know exactly what you can and can't eat. Complete with old yentas lining the booths, you'll be overcome with a sense of guilt if you don't eat everything on your plate.

If you still want your cupcake fix, Sprinkles will have flourless chocolate cupcakes all week. I recommend ditching the macaroons and picking up a dozen of these for your seder.

And if you're looking for a few fancy recipes to try yourself, check out Me, I'm a walking stereotype: What do Jewish women make for dinner? Reservations!

Mmmmm, Matzo Ball Soup!


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