Friday, July 8, 2011

It's a "Summer Dance and Burgers" Kind of Weekend

Happy gorgeous Friday! Too bad I'll be spending it in a jury room at 26th and California. That's okay, though, because at least I'm not driving out to the suburbs. Okay, no more Debbie downer. One of my favorite events starts this weekend: Summer Dance Chicago.

I love the whole idea of this event. I always wanted to be one of those people that gets up and just starts salsa dancing like an expert, but, alas, I usually end up tripping someone. (People always think that just because I'm a tap dancer, I should be able to ballroom dance too. Not the case.) Summer Dance Chicago gives you lessons beforehand so you can bust a move with everyone else. And the fact that most people are amateurs makes you feel a lot better about your skill. Check out the whole list of events here. The best one: on July 23 the event will celebrate Soul Train's 40th Anniversary with free Soul Train Line dance lessons. Um, that's amazing.

Don't forget West Fest! I've never been, but it looks pretty cool.

There are a few art fairs going on this weekend, and we're not talking PTA. The DuSable Museum is hosting its 37th Annual Back to Our Roots Arts & Crafts Festival, featuring works related to African American themes, history and culture by fine artists only. There's also the 54th Annual Gold Coast Art Fair in Grant Park this weekend. According to the website, somebody called it the "Granddaddy of American Art Festivals." Not sure who said that or why but whatever. 

If you're thinking of doing The L.A.T.E. Ride this year, I'd probably skip it. My husband and his dad participated last year, and it was pretty bad. They don't actually close down any streets, so you're trying to get around the cars. And they don't stagger the start time so you're riding in a giant crowd of people the whole time. My husband said they couldn't actual even get up enough speed to peddle. They just sort of hopped along.

I plan to stuff my face at the Roscoe Village Burger Fest on Sunday afternoon. Burgers, cocktails, music. Yes, please!

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  1. You would need a few Summer Dance festivals to burn off that bad boy of a burger :) lol
    BTW, Storytellers Hop is this weekend if you are interesting in linking up with us!

  2. The Gold Coast Art Festival is run by Amy Amdur Productions, who do a huge chunk of suburban art shows now as well. I don't really share her aesthetic, so I don't go to any of her shows, but she tends to feature the same artists in all her shows, so if you've seen one in a summer, there's no need to go to another. Just a tip.

  3. Really glad to know about the LATE ride cus I was thinking about - but now I think i'll pass. Have a good weekend!!
    A Cat in Gloves

  4. We were going to try to make it to the burger fest, but our Saturday plans got so messed up thanks to a flat tire AND a flat spare. Grr. Hope you had a fun weekend!