Thursday, February 10, 2011

Early Warning: Bacon Fest 2011!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, bacon. I love you. And I couldn't be more excited for the bacon explosion that is Bacon Fest. On April 9, the UIC Pavilion will be packed with over 50 of the city's greatest chefs serving up their own bacon concoctions. We're not talking a bunch of divey breakfast places; they're bringing you places like The Girl & the Goat, MOTO Restaurant, Perennial and David Burke's Primehouse. For a mere $65 you can stuff yourself with innumerable bacon delights. Tickets go on sale sometime at the end of February, although the actual date hasn't been announced yet. Check out the website and sign up for newsletter to be notified.

To celebrate the upcoming Bacon Fest, here are a few of my favorite bacon products:

Bacon-Flavored Envelopes

Licking envelopes will never be gross and boring again! Just grab a few of these envelopes with bacon-flavored adhesive, and enjoy with a side of eggs.

(Disclaimer: This isn't the actual site that sells the envelopes, but since the company is called Eat Me Daily, it keeps getting blocked on my work computer as pornography.)

Bacon Bandages

 Your wounds never looked so good.

Maple and Bacon Lollipops

I literally just ordered this.


  1. haha omg, this is redic! i saw a show the other day on the food channel that had chocolate dipped bacon, ill admit it looked GOOD. xoox jcd

  2. Hi-larious! I love bacon. I'm following along from FTLOB:

  3. i am visiting from the joy blog hop and FTLOB...I LOVE bacon too. My daughter bought her boyfriend as a joke at christmas some Bacon Soap!!! hehe

  4. YAY for bacon! :) Looks like bacon is your food of choice. Mine is spaghetti. Thanks for linking up! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!