Friday, February 18, 2011

A Modern Glass Slipper

I have a new obsession. I'm loving all of the stupid kitschy Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding memorabilia. I mean, the royal condoms are hilarious, but that's a gag gift. This is for real!

My first float in the parade of royal wedding crap is this delightful pair of Keds.
Have you been wishing that you were in Miss Middleton's shoes? These slip-on sneakers are the next best thing! Truly fit for any princess, they're both comfortable and lovely. Wearing these are an absolute must as you watch the royal wedding on TV, sitting on your cat hair-covered couch in your snuggy, drinking Yoo-hoo. And if you're looking for a more subtle nuptial display, be sure to check out this pair.

Stay tuned for many more monarchy-inspired memorabilia...