Monday, May 23, 2011

Bike the Drive

Lake Shore Drive may be poorly designed, a nightmare during rush hour and a potential death trap (the giant gouges on the railing at the Oak Street curve always scare me), but you can't beat the views. I wish I could enjoy it more during my morning commute. So, this year I think I'm going to attempt Bike the Drive.

From 5:30 - 9:00 a.m. this Sunday morning Lake Shore Drive will be completely closed to vehicles, allowing registered bikers to ride from end to end. We're talking Bryn Mawr to the Museum of Science and Industry. There are several turn around spots in case you dont feel like riding 30 miles, and you can take a breather at the rest stops along the way.

All riders must start at the Columbus and Jackson, and you'll want to end your ride there for festivities in Grant Park. Registered riders can purchase a special breakfast prepared by Goose Island for $7. (One of the options is all-you-can-eat pancakes so that's not a bad deal.) A Blues Brothers tribute band will entertain while various vendors like Jamba Juice will sell their wares.

The event costs $45 and includes a fancy t-shirt. Click here to register. You can register the day of, but the cost goes up to $55 and doesn't include a t-shirt.

More event photos, from Windy Citizen
Fun Fact: Did you know that the downtown portion of Lake Shore Drive was originally opened as Leif Ericson Drive in 1937? It wasn't called Lake Shore Drive until 1946.


  1. What a great idea!! I love that a big city like Chicago does this. Have fun biking!!

  2. I had no idea LSD ever had another that fun fact.
    I think hubby would enjoy this, me... not so much. I can barely make it to North Beach from our house without feeling like I'm dying ;)

    P.S. Yes, the Chill & Grill was FUN! Great day for it!

  3. This always seems like a fun event, but I'm not much of a biker. P.S. Check out my latest post- I gave you an award! :)

  4. I found your blog from Breakfast at Toast and I love it. I adore all things Chicago and would love to live there someday (in the near future!). Hearing about all of the fun things like Bike the Drive and the Lincoln Park food trucks... makes me want to move there even more.