Thursday, May 26, 2011

I miss Marshall Field's too, but...

When Macy's hacked away Chicago's beloved Marshall Field's in 2006, I was sad. I bought a button that said "I hate Macy's," and I voiced my opinion very loudly.

But I moved on.

I understand why Macy's did it, and despite the initial loss in sales I'm sure they're doing just fine. But there is an organization called who is still pushing Macy's to bring back Marshall Field's.

The organization conducted a grassroots survey, asking participants three questions regarding their feelings about the Macy's takeover: Do you prefer Marshall Field's, Macy's or both about the same? Do you shop at the store more, less or about the same since the store became Macy's? Would you shop at the store more, less or about the same if the store was converted back to Marshall Field's from Macy's?

According to results explained in the organization's press release sent on Monday, 79 percent of people said they want Marshall Field's back. According to the release, they've presented these results to the Macy's CEO and Board of Directors.

I have to say that I want Marshall Field's back too, but I think this is called beating a dead horse. At least we still have Frango Mints!


  1. I have to agree with you- 5 years is a little too long to drag this out. I highly doubt Macy's will care or do anything about it. They make so much money from tourists, anyway. And yes, thank goodness for Frango mints. I always grab some when they're on sale!

    P.S. How awesome is it that you get free passes to the Randolph Street Market for the whole season?! I thought is was just for this weekend. Very cool!

  2. argh i hate macys! the store is so gross and i can never find anything to buy there. h's dad gave us $300 to macys last christmas and it took us MONTHS to spend it... should have just bought a ton of frango mints i guess. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. haha, I love that you got an I Hate Macy's pin. You should probably wear it everyday :) Losing a favorite store is the worst.

  4. AMEN! I hate/loathe Macy's. Honestly, bringing back my beloved will bring me much joy and I can continue my family tradition of Marshall Field's xmas window browsing. :)

    But, I doubt the big M will do anything regarding the survey, it's been a hot minute.

  5. haha the pin you got is hilarious! Hopefully they'll bring it back for all its fans soon :)

  6. Are Frango mints good???? Have you ever tried any of their other chocolates?? I recently heard about them, but have never tried them!!

  7. I have never hand frango mints! Are they a chicago thing? Do tell :)

    I am not a Macy's fan although I had never been to Marshall Field's. But -- I like the sound of it. Sounds a little retro/old school. I would like to do my Christmas shopping there. Sounds like something out of a movie.

  8. One must appreciate other's passions...even if misguided... However, the situation is about cookies and therefore dire.

    Where do I sign up?