Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kreativ Blogger

I got an award! YAY! The lovely and talented Miss Tara at Haute Lunch presented me with the Kreative blogger award:

THANK YOU, and, as customary, I'll present 10 facts about myself and pass this along to 10 awesome bloggers:

1. I've been tap dancing since I was two, and I'm currently an apprentice with a professional tap company in Chicago. Fingers crossed they'll bring me on as a full company member!
2. Alpacas are my favorite animal. I know it seems weird, but they're so sweet, and they make really good pets. Should I ever find myself living on a large plot of land, I plan to buy two and name them Laverne and Shirley.
3. I won't eat at restaurants that I feel have gross names. e.g. Macaroni Grill, Sweet Tomatoes, Applebees
4. If you google my name you'll see pages of blog and tap dancing mentions and then a bunch of serious press releases and PR stuff. Even though both of these things are me, it looks like they're from two different people who probably wouldn't be friends.
5. I love petting zoos and feeding ducks.
6. I love food, but I'm not sure you could consider my a foodie. Maybe a food-all?
7. I generally hate reality TV shows that make crazy people into celebrities, but I LOVE the Bad Girls Club.
8. When I text people, I use correct grammar and punctuation. But then sometimes I feel pretentious, and I go back and make it less grammatically correct.
9. I like babies, but I'm sort of afraid of them. There weren't many babies around when I was growing up, and I wasn't allowed to go near my baby cousins, so I'm not quite sure what to do with them. And I prefer not to hold newborns. What if I drop them?!!!!
10. I truly love living in Chicago, and I love writing about everything our amazing city has to offer!

Here are the 10 Kreativ-with-a-'K'-minus-the-'e' bloggers I'm presenting this award to:

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Happy blogging!!! :)


  1. Thanks for the award lady! :)

  2. Well congrats on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to me!!! And really, Alpacas?? I would have never guessed! haha :) Hope you are having a great Tuesday, and thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the award!

    How amazing that you tap dance & love alpacas. I'm not sure my list would be as interesting!

    #8 is my absolute favorite!

  4. Love reading more about you! My future mother-in-law lived on a farm with alpacas growing up, and wants to get them again! I'll have to let you know if she ever does and you can go hang with them! :) Also, nice work on the dancing- I hope they make you a full member as well!

  5. Thanks for the award!

    Its fun to get to know more about you! I laughed about the food-all comment. Sometimes I feel that way too :)

    Also, someone I know from college is currently in the process of trying to get cast in the bad girls club. I've never seen the show, but its funny hearing about their requests for her to wear more club wear! If she is on it, I will definitely be watching!

  6. Aren't you a sweetheart?? Thanks for including me :) Um, #1 - that's FUN!! #4 is so weirdly neat and #8... LOL - I've been guilty of that too!

  7. So cool that you're a tap dancer! I'm always in awe of creative and talented people like you. Also, I went to the Meatloaf Bakery in Lincoln Park, and it made me think, "I wonder if Andrea knows about this?" It was tasty!

    Thanks for the award! I'm going to think of some extra fun facts before I pass it on :)