Monday, May 16, 2011

"Thanks for the Press, Mayor Rahm" or "Check out the Blue Line Lounge"

Happy Monday!

Not so happy for me because I had a super fun night last night at the Blue Line Lounge in Bucktown. The post-National Tap Day celebration with some of Chicago's best tap dancers left me a just hung over enough to where I need a couple Advil and a big glass of water. I was pleasantly surprised by the Blue Line Lounge. I've passed by there tons of times, but I assumed it would be a whatever place. But the menu and drink list were classier than I thought, and they have extremely comfortable seating. If it weren't for the Bulls game blaring on the the TVs it would have been perfect! (I'm such an old lady.)

Photos from Blue Line Lounge & Grill. If it wasn't FREEZING on Sunday night we could have sat outside!
 Meanwhile, I'm excited for Rahm Emanuel's innaugeration today! Are you watching it live at work? I wish I could go to the City Hall open house this afternoon.

I have to be honest and say that I'm most excited for the amount of press Chicago has been getting. (That's the PR person in me.) The world should know how awesome Chicago is!

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  1. Totally agree! So excited about the inauguration! Sounds like you really had fun last night! Keep nursing the hangover! :)