Thursday, May 19, 2011

Would You Wear a Knock-Off Wedding Dress?

It's wedding season! I do love this time of year, and even though I got married a few months ago I still find myself reaching for the latest CS Brides. (Chicago Brides: if you haven't grabbed a copy of this magazine, you absolutely should.)

We all know that finding that perfect dress ranks as one of the most important parts of planning your big day. But I read something today that produced a very extreme eye roll: Lord & Taylor is now selling knock-offs of Kate and Pippa's Royal Wedding ensembles.

The Royal Affair Collection

(I'd like to preface this with saying that I think the Duchess looked absolutely stunning in both her dresses, and her sister looked fabulous. I was actually surprised she was allowed to look that fabulous.)

I know that when a celebrity wears a showstopping dress, it sets a new trend and stores begin selling items inspired by the original. But an exact replica?! Everyone should be complimenting YOU on your wedding day; not discussing another bride's dress.

Desgined by ABS by Allen Schwartz, a retailer already famous for Oscar dress replicas, Lord & Taylor will begin selling these dresses in mid-July. The "Kate Bridal" dress will retail for $1,100, the "Catherine" second wedding dress will go for $450 and Pippa's maid-of-honor dress will sell for $390.

Ladies, what do you think of these dresses?


  1. Hey, why not! If you look good in it, then it makes it your own. Really liked Pippa's dress the best. Could have deffo seen myself in that one!

  2. If it looks great then yes -- but it I would probably go for the real thing? I'd have to see it.

  3. I agree, if you love it because it looks great on you, then go for it, if you only love because kate/pippa wore it, forget it!

  4. I think that's pretty lame. Their original dresses were beautiful, but I wouldn't want to just copy someone else for my wedding! Your wedding is a great chance to really shine as a bride, so I say take the chance to do your own thing.

  5. Girl, I've been married nearly 8 years & I still pick up CS Brides... it's just fun!

    I was shocked to see the engagement ring replica at Filene's yesterday! And I too, was shocked that Pippa was allowed to look THAT fabulous :)