Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chicago Quirk's Favorite Things: Francesca's Collections

As I've mentioned before, I'm mostly a t-shirt and jeans type of gal. This is A) because I really like wearing t-shirts and jeans and B) because I don't have much confidence in my ability to put items together. My cutest ensembles have been a result of me buying an entire outfit off of a mannequin. This is why I love Francesca's Collections.

Left: Garden Critters Ring Middle: Pretty in Prints Right: Very Berry Dress
I hate when you get into a store and find a cute piece here and there, but it's hard to visualize an outfit. (Maybe it's just me...) Francesca's Collections has your whole outfit from start to finish with affordable items and accessories. And the people who work at the stores know what they're doing, and they offer such good advice.

Now, until I started writing this post, I thought these boutiques were a Chicago thing - they do such an amazing job of making everything look like a neighborhood spot - but it's actually a national chain based in Texas! Who knew!

I think I'm going to head over there this weekend to pick up a few cute summer outfits. Have you been to Francesca's Collections?


  1. i realllly like francescas! i havent been there in a while but i think its about time that i make a visit! xoxo jillian

  2. YES!!! I knew they were from Texas. And don't you LOVE them!??! I have to get to the mall sometime when we are back to raid this store :) Who knew they were all over now?!

  3. I just bought a gorgeous turquoise beaded statement necklace from there for less than $30! Amazing! I've not bought any clothes from there, just jewelry, but it's honestly where most of my jewelry comes from! They just got one in Louisville, which is where I'm moving, and my step-sister is super pumped about it and says it's all the rage down there, haha!

  4. Francesca's is super cute! I thought they were local for several years, until I saw one in a mall in Cincinnati! I sometimes have trouble visualizing new outfits as well, so I like places that you can get a whole look for a decent price!

    P.S. I responded to your question on the body bronzer post.

  5. I always thought it was a Chicago thing too! Oh well. I was actually just in there yesterday to buy someone a present. They always have a great collection of accessories!

  6. HI, Andrea!

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